Remote management of your beroNet devices with the beroCloud

User friendly solution: beroCloud can be easily controlled through the intuitive web browser interface.

Remote management: Accessible anywhere and on any device. Monitoring, configuration and update of all devices at multiple locations via beroCloud.

Alarm notification: You will be instantly notified of the device status, changes, errors and registrations

Security: beroNet devices communicate through the firewall to the beroCloud with a secure tunnel in both directions.

Note: The beroCloud is available in a subscription model. You have the possibility to test the beroCloud for 30 days free of charge.


  • devices send periodically https pings to the beroCloud, no NAT necessary
  • tasks are requested and performed
  • overall situation of the devices
  • connection and status changes
  • CRE Error Counter
  • SIP and LTE registration
  • firmware update
  • saving and restoring of configurations
  • activation and reboot
  • App installation
  • Zero Touch Provisioning (only Partner and Professional accounts

Remote Management of:

  • beroNet VoIP devices
  • clients
  • projects
  • remote monitoring of several devices in the field simultaneously
  • task management with a timeplanner (e. g. automatic updates)
  • dashboard with status of all devices in the field
  • notification in case of breakdown
  • backup and restoring of the configuration

"With the beroNet Cloud I can remote manage all the gateways of my clients and don't need to worry for my own administration system. This solution saves us time and gives my clients the secure feeling, that we can react fast in case of an outfall of the PBX system."

(Mathias Pasquay, CEO at Pascom Netzwerktechnik)

Easily integrate Microsoft Teams with our virtual SBC

The new cloud-based SBC is a virtual Session Border Controller hosted by beroNet in a highly available distributed data center. It can be directly connected to the system on site via the Internet or via a VPN connection. This eliminates the need to purchase a physical SBC. With the help of a flexible licensing model, the required licenses can be scaled up and down via the beroCloud on the virtual SBC - depending on the call capacity requirements.

Your benefits:

  • Easy installation via beroCloud
  • Easy MS Teams integration
  • Scalable to your needs
  • Upgrades and security enhancements available immediately

Top features:

  • Topology Hiding
  • Access Control List (ACL)
  • DDoS Protection
  • Header Manipulation
  • Protocol Translation
  • Failover and Load Balancing