Virtualize your PBX with the beroNet Appliance (uCPE)

With a uCPE (Universal Customer Premises Equipment) multiple (formerly physical) functions can be integrated virtually at any location in a network. Where networks used to rely on specialized hardware to deliver services - a router, a firewall, a WAN optimizer - some or all of these functions are now delivered virtually as software in an appliance.

VoIP-only appliance

  • Type-1 hypervisor (Xen) for maximum VM performance
  • Easy to use beroNet Hypervisor Web GUI
  • Marketplace with pre-built VM applications and ISO files
  • Automated backup scheduler
  • Compatible with any IP-PBX
  • Management via beroCloud

Our uCPE is available as a VoIP only or hybrid model. The hybrid version allows you to take advantage of virtualization without sacrificing gateway functionality.

Hybrid Appliance: Simplify PBX management with our all-in-one solution

If you want to virtualize your network without losing gateway functionality, our all-in-one solution (uCPE with integrated SBC VoIP gateway) is exactly what you need. This hybrid appliance meets all your telephony needs - including easy, location-independent management via beroCloud. This gives you maximum flexibility - even when implementing least cost routing or integrating PSTN/VoLTE failover.

"Our customers rely on the reliability of the beronet appliance and the flexibility offered by its unique modular design when implementing our software-based IP PBX." - Mathias Pasquay, Managing Director of Pascom Netzwerktechnik

What is Universal Customer Premises Equipment?

This video answers the question "What is a uCPE?" and shows some of the benefits of a uCPE. It is therefore an ideal introduction to this topic.